Become a Member


Any legal entity that operates on the internet, using it as part of its business activity, is eligible to become a PS-IX MEMBER, provided that it holds (or has the right to use) a public Autonomous System (AS) number. The lawful possession of a public Autonomous System numbers derives from the public registers of the relevant registration authorities (RIPE NCC, ARIN, AFRINIC, LACNIC)

Participant Joining Instructions :

1- Acquire an Autonomous System Number (ASN) and Public IP address space from RIPE-NCC (link is external) or another Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

2- Review and submit a signed copy of our Participation Agreement along with an Application Form .

3- Meet with us to our facility and discuss deployment plans.

4- Extend your network to our facility either via fiber or a wireless radio link. Note that we have rack-space available for peering related equipment, and each peer is eligible for a cost of charge.

5- Connect your network equipment to our switching equipment using the specific port and IPv4/6 addresses that we assign you.