About PS-IX

PS-IX is the Palestinian Internet Exchange. It is a neutral, non-profit Internet Exchange.

PS-IX is the Best and Biggest Internet Exchange in Palestine. It constitutes an important national infrastructure as it interconnects all significant Internet players in Palestine, such as Internet service providers, content providers etc.

The major goal of PS-IX is the acceleration of the growth of the Palestinian Internet.

PS-IX was founded in 2020. It is owned and managed by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MTIT), which acts as a “third trusted entity” and ensures its neutrality.

What is an Internet Exchange Point?

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a network facility that enables the interconnection of more than two independent Autonomous Systems, primarily for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of Internet traffic. An IXP provides interconnection only for Autonomous Systems; and it does not require the Internet traffic passing between any pair of participating Autonomous Systems to pass through any third Autonomous System, nor does it alter or otherwise interfere with such traffic. […full definition ]