Increased autonomy for local communications

Before establishing an IXP, we need the support of the community and of the parties interested
in participating in the project of establishment of the Internet Exchange Point. This mostly refers to
the agency for e-communications, as well as operators and other networks with their own AS. Having
the initially agreed framework of IXP operations, it is necessary to make a legal framework for IXP
operations i.e. legal establishment of an IXP, with all the accompanying documents which would
present the principle of IXP operations to operators in a transparent manner, including the contract
proposal with IXP members. The following step is preparation of a plan for IXP development, which
would encompass all parts of establishment and operations of IXPs, technical principles, as well as the
commercial aspect. We have to take into consideration the possibility to bring cables to an IXP by the
operator. It is therefore recommend to select a location which is easily accessible for the introduction
of new links and possibly already established links towards the operator. For operative functioning of
the IXP it is necessary to ask RIPE for the set of Ipv4 and Ipv6 addresses for the purposes of IXP peering,
as well as the set of addresses for public services.